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Zoning Board of Appeals B.Z.A.


As Permit Expeditors, Building Permits Plus, Understand Zoning Variances

The Board of Zoning Appeals  main function is to entertain applications at public hearings for variances, minor subdivisions and some special permits*.

As a licensed permit expeditor Building Permits Plus will file your application, provide all necessary information so that it is processed by the office staff and schedule an expedited public hearing.  

We will prepare the necessary notices to send to surrounding property owners, as well as posting a public notice sign on the subject parcel. 
At the time of the hearing, Building Permits Plus will have already met with you and will be totally familiar with the property. We will present your case in the most favorable light to the Board based on certain criteria required by law. We will also answer any questions the Board may have and we will be prepared to rebut any testimony from objecting neighbors.

As permit expeditors  we know the many factors that the Board takes into consideration when making a decision; a few examples being conformity to surrounding areas, impact to the environment and benefit to the applicant as weighed against the detriment to the health, safety and welfare of the community. 

Once a decision is rendered, a formal decision letter will be issued. If it is an approval, we will then proceed to the Building Department to obtain a permit. If it is a denial, we are totally prepared to consult with an attorney about an  appeal to a higher court by filing an Article 78 within the 30 day time limit from the date the decision is filed with the Town Clerk’s office.

*The zoning ordinance does not apply to a structure or use lawfully established prior to enactment of the zoning regulation that prohibits that structure or us