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Accessory Apartments and Rentals

As permit expeditors we understand that time is money especially when it comes to accessory apartments.

 There's a lot to consider before slapping up an "Apartment for Rent" sign. Several things can stand between you and a legal accessory apartment.

In the Town of Brookhaven, the number of inquiries about applying for an accessory apartment permit and the number of applications  have increased in the past years, while the number of Building Department employees able to help has decreased. 


Red Tape

There's a lot of it, and it's different for each municipality.

The rules vary so much that they will surprise you: homes regulated by some Townships only allow senior citizens or families with a mother-daughter arrangement to get a permit.

An application might require a copy of your deed, detailed floor plans with measurements, copies of the Certificate of Occupancy for the main dwelling, any additions, certain accessory structures, a survey of the property showing all structures, identification such as a driver's license, several proofs of residence, photos of the driveway and the front of the house, and a building permit application for any planned or existing changes.

The entire property also has to pass an inspection.

We will notify your neighbors by proper mail. We will represent you at the public hearing, follow your application through the lengthy review period. In the Town of Brookhaven, the Accessory Apartment Review can take several weeks to render a decision
after a hearing. Again, we will be monitoring the entire application prosess.


An accessory apartment can be a sound long-term investment. We will advise you of the fees so that there will be no surprises: 

And if you have to make physical changes to get your place up to code, we can aide so that lost time is not an issue, you can get back in the black in no time.


The list of space requirements for an accessory apartment is long and specific. We know the new rules of  what qualifies as habitable space. We know the best way to get your apartment pasted all that red tape. 


Act now: Their can be a limit to the number of multiple-family dwellings allowed within a given area. The rule in the Town of Brookhaven is that no more than 5 percent of the lots within a half-mile radius will be granted a permit without a variance.